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My Fellow Bison,

It is with excitement and humility that I write these words as the president of the Howard University Alumni Club of New Jersey.

I am a proud graduate of the 1987 Class of the College of Fine Arts. My Major was Art Education with a concentration in Ceramics. My time at Howard was the very best and I am so very proud to call myself a Bison!

So many things have changed but so much has remained the same. I still get chills when I walk onto the yard. I still feel the love and protection of those who walked those pathways long before any of us knew what Howard University was. Those guardians of knowledge, pride and social justice, those who paved the way, fought the fights and won the battles that shaped and continue to shape the campus and our lives. The celebrity and the common man who came to Howard seeking an education and gained a new perspective, a new worldview and life long bonds.

As an alum and proud mother of 2015 alum, I feel a sense of duty to continue to hold up the mantle, to continue the fight, to reach back and pull another up so that together we can make a way for the next generation and the next and the next.

I implore every Howard University alum to also take up the mantle, to fan the flames, to spark the fires, to renew pride in our Alma Mater - no matter the "A-Bldg. story" (we all have one) and remember the good times (we all had those too), the awesome education, the connections we are able to make ("Howard University" opens doors) and the true bison friendships we still cherish - in an effort to make it even better for our Baby Bison.

The HUACNJ will have a variety of networking and social opportunities throughout the year but our main objective is to raise funds for scholarships for New Jersey students attending Howard University.  I hope that we can count on your support!!

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jasmine gary
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velva dawson

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andrea holmes-thompkins

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